Peer-Led Team Learning in Introductory Computer Science Workshop
March 10, 2010
Milwaukee, WI

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) involves students working cooperatively in small groups, led by trained undergraduate "peer leaders". PLTL has been used successfully for many years in Chemistry and other science courses to improve retention, boost grades, and increase students' enthusiasm for the subject.

This workshop provides training for those interested in trying PLTL in introductory Computer Science courses. Participants will take part in sample PLTL sessions, learn about resources needed to start a PLTL program, and will hear about the experiences of faculty and undergraduate peer leaders. The workshop will be run by Susan Horwitz from University of Wisconsin Madison and Susan Rodger from Duke University.

Materials for Workshop

Presentation (slides), (ppt), and (handout)
Swimming Lessons(pdf)
12 Tips(pdf)
20 Techniques(pdf)
Sample PLTL Sessions materials

Learning Styles Survey
Group Images
Exercises for Role Playing
Working in Groups Attributes
Paper on PLTL in CS: Susan Horwitz, Susan Rodger, Maureen Biggers, David Binkley, C. Kolin Frantz, Dawn Gundermann, Susanne Hambrusch, Steven Huss-Lederman, Ethan Munson, Barbara Ryder, and Monica Sweat, Using Peer-Led Team Learning to Increase Participation and Success of Under-Represented Groups in Introductory Computer Science, Fourtieth SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, p.163-167, 2009. pdf

PLTL in CS Sites

With funding from NSF, eight universities (listed below with links to their program sites) have been applying PLTL in Computer Science for the past three years. The PLTL in CS web site is The PLTL in chemistry web site is

PLTL in CS sites

University of Wisconsin Madison Duke University Georgia Tech Beloit College
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Rutgers University Loyola College Purdue University

Our work on PLTL was supported by the National Science Foundation, GRANT CNS-0420343 with amendment CNS-638510.

Many of the materials from this workshop were from the PLTL in CS workshop held at Duke University in April 28-29, 2007.

Questions: Send email to Susan Rodger: rodger AT